Grandpa's foul ball

Discussion created by agentman007 on Apr 6, 2013

When I was growing up, I went to my first baseball game ever, a Red Sox-Yankees summer game at Fenway Park. It was three generations of my family--me, my father, and my grandfather. I could not have been more excited. Now, my dad and my grandpop made sure that we got to the stadium plenty early so we could eat Fenway Franks on Yawkey way and then watch batting practice. When the Red Sox were up at batting practice, I anxiously awaited Mo Vaughn, who was the team's slugger in the mid-90's. On one of his first pitches, he hit a foul ball into the left field grandstand right where we were seated. My dad and grandpop were so anxious to get the ball for me that they both dived at it and collided into each other and one of Fenway's hard seats. My grandpop got the ball and handed it to me--I was thrilled--but then discovered that he had cut open his forehead on the seat. We wound up having to go to the emergency room so he could get stitches. Fortunately, it was not serious at all and he recovered just fine. I still have the ball and even though we missed most of the game while at the hospital, it remains one of my favorite all-time memories at a baseball game.