Discussion created by edleo13 on Apr 6, 2013

We live in Houston and the Astros opened their 2013 season against the Rangers this past Sunday.  On Monday, I decided I would take my 3rd year old son to a game.  He's been to 2-3 over the last few years, but this would have been the first time that he really knew where he was.  As we approached Minute Maid Park, the place was pretty deserted.  This didn't strike me as too unusual (bad baseball team, Monday night game, thrill of opening night over, etc.).  However, as we got right up on the center field entrance, I realized the stadium was closed.  I immediately checked the Astros schedule on my phone and realized that they had a very rare off day within a 3 game series (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday).  Needless to say, my son was slightly perturbed at me, however I took him to a Rockets game instead to make up for my mistake.