1st game: homers galore

Discussion created by scorched02 on Apr 6, 2013

Growing up in the DFW area, I had a chance to see the great Nolan Ryan pitch on TV and see the Ryan Express role in and out of town. However it took awhile to see an actual game due to the distance from the stadium.  The first time I was invited out to a game it took so long that we arrived by the 3rd inning.  Luckily the score was still 0-0 with the Rangers playing the Angels.  It was a late August day and I could not stand the heat just sitting in the stadium, so I went to go get ice cream.  When I came back to actually really watch the game for the first time live, I saw an offensive onslaught.  Gonzales hit a homer, then Canseco, then Palmiero.  I was so excited to see a back to back to back home run within seconds of sitting down to watch.  When the excitement wore off and the inning finally over, I ran to get some more ice cream.  When I made it back to my seat, the Rangers were hitting again.  The lineup went bonkers that inning again fueled by back to back homers at the end by Dean Palmer and Pudge.  Will not forget how fun it was to watch all the action whenever I went to go get ice cream in what was a fun first night of live baseball