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It happened in September of 1908, in NY
City. The Cubs were facing the Giants with the pennant on the line. Each and
every game was a must-win situation. The score was tied 1-1, in the bottom of
the 9th, the Giants had runners on the corners with two outs.
Fred Merkle, a
19 year-old rookie, was the runner on first. The next batter lined a single. The
runner at third came home. It appeared to be a Giants victory, they had taken
the lead for the pennant, the cheering fans swarmed the field. Merkle looked
toward home plate and saw his teammate cross the plate. Merkle, startled as the
crowd swarmed out of the bleachers onto the field, stopped. Thinking the game
was over, Merkle sprinted off the field. But, he had forgotten an important rule
of baseball, he did not go touch second. The Cubs retrieved the ball, went and
touched second. The game was declared at tie because order could not be restored
because the fans could not be removed from the field. The two teams went on to
finish the season in a dead tie for the pennant. They had to play a one-game
playoff. The Cubs won and went to the World Series. One loss, the loss, that day
knocked the Giants out! Merkle was never forgiven by the NY fans for that
blunder. He went on to have a solid career of 14 years and a lifetime average of
273. However, everywhere he went he always was reminded by fans of his terrible
mistake on that day of his rookie season. A mistake that will always be called,
Merkles Boner.