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A finesse pitcher with a power pitcher's velocity, Wang relies on the combination of a low to mid-90sfour-seam fastball (but he uses his two-seam sinker more often), a sinker, along with a slider, changeup, and splitter.[38] His sinker, which is responsible for his elevation to ace status, has very impressive lateral movement and is thrown at greater than average velocity, sitting in the 91–94 mph range.

His strikeout pitch is an average slider that closely resembles the fastball coming out of his hand, thus getting batters to swing ahead of the pitch. Wang also throws a split-finger fastball, though he only uses the pitch sparsely when in need of a strikeout or double play. Wang's pitching style is characterized by efficiency, command of the strike zone, few walks, few home runs allowed but also records very few strikeouts. Wang works quickly and uses his ground-ball inducing sinker to produce many double plays. This efficiency often allows Wang to maintain a low pitch count deep into games.

In Taiwan and the minor leagues, Wang threw a more conventional assortment of pitches, including afour-seam fastball, a changeup, and far more splitters. The sinker, which has become Wang's signature pitch, was developed during his minor league career with advice from Neil Allen, his AAA pitching coach, and his AAA catcher, Sal Fasano.[39]