Getting the kids excited.....

Discussion created by judyjfla on Apr 5, 2013

Years ago, when I worked for the Boston Red Sox during spring training, I worked many days on the ticket window.  During lunch, we always went out to the stands and retrieved the balls from batting practice that were in between the seats. We kept them in a drawer in the office and when a child carrying a ball glove would come up with a parent for a ticket on game day, I would ask them who their favorite player was.  Who ever they named, I would duck away for a minute and come back with a ball and tell them that that player heard them and wanted them to have it.  I was great to see their little eyes light up, making their day, and their parents always smiled, knowing it was not real, but in their kids mind it was a great memory from the ballpark.  That was the best part of the job!