Competitive Parents

Discussion created by bchen88 on Apr 5, 2013

Went out to see my friend's son, Nathan,  play on the baseball field.  I didn't know what to expect, but I definitely wasn't expecting them to be that good. Nearing to the last inning we were down by 2 with two on base.... have to admit it was decent game.  All the parents were cheering the bluebirds, screaming from the bleachers and encouraging their kids.  We were now down by one and we had two outs.  Only one guy was on 2nd and Nathan was up to bat.  I knew that Nathan wasn't that good being up to bat, but his mom was screaming "C'mon Nathan, you go it".  He missed the first pitch, fouled on the second... but on the third, he got the hit. His mom was screaming and jumping up and down like there is no tomorrow... so much that she missed one of the bleachers, fell off and into the dirt.... Most parents were in shock.... but my friend didn't even miss a beat..... jumped right back up, dirty as the kids running around the bases and kept screaming as if nothing had happened.  Needless to say, we won the game... Nathan was the last runner in.  My friend was so elated and I was completely laughing as when it was all over.. she had a huge bruise on her leg but didn't lead on to the fact that she was in pain because she didn't want to draw attention to her clumsiness.   Didn't get it on video to upload it to youtube, but the lasting memory of her fall and the fact that Nathan got the winning run made it an amazing day!!!