The Rocket

Discussion created by billpreston on Apr 5, 2013

I first saw the Rocket as a kid growing up in Texas.  He made a surprise guest appearance at a summer camp in the early 80s and we got his signature on my older brother's  glove.  He did some pitching and even switched roles and hit some shots.  I was amazed at how the ball seemed to whistle.  It seemed so fast to a kid's eyes.  Apparently, life moved a little fast for him too.


I next saw the Rocket in 2004 when he was on the Astros .  I had that Clemens baseball glove and used it to play softball for good luck.  We won the championship cup, but somehow in the excitement I left the glove on the field, never to be seen again.  That was around the time he won a Cy Young, which made it a real bummer.


The Rocket had some ups and downs for the next several years and I only saw him on TV.  He won some, said some stuff to Congress, and before you knew it, the testimony of a fellow with a syringe stored in a beer bottle was set to give him some trouble.  That's the first time my girl saw the Rocket, working for the court.  I'm told he he looked a little overweight, tanned, and with colored hair, but his lawyer knew how to handle things and won the case.


The last time I saw the Rocket was back in Texas pitching for the Skeeters in a sort of celebrated comeback.  I couldn't miss the spectacle I guess.  But I do still miss the glove.