My husband's baseball story

Discussion created by dbjp on Apr 5, 2013

My husband grew up in rural WV.  As nonathletic as he was at the time, his parents put in all sorts of sports teams - swim, basketball, tennis, soccer and baseball.  Fortunately for him, they didn't push him into football.  I can't see how he would have survived that.  The poor guy was mostly a bench warmer for all these teams.  He loves to talk about this time of his life.  He was not good at any of it, including baseball.  He never stopped trying, but he just never got the hang of any of it.  This is funny to hear now because he is a serious runner, and wants to become a triathlete.  Sometimes it takes a (really) long while until you get the hang of something.  I don't think that he would be athletic at all today if he hadn't tried so hard earlier.  Even though he was bad at it, he remembers fondly his time at all of the baseball camps his parents would make him attend.