Baseball in Canada

Discussion created by dbjp on Apr 5, 2013

I grew up in Calgary, in western Canada.  This was hockey country.  Most people are Flames fans, not Viper fans.  However, I am a fan of both teams.  I came from an immigrant family, so it was all new to us anyway.  We had no long family tradition that we were expected to follow.  I suppose this made it a lot easier.  My friends' families were all long time hockey fans, and its what they were pushed towards.  Looking back at my time in Canada, I think that my openness to baseball in a community that was mostly indifferent to it, also had me become a person that was open to many things that were unpopular.  Now, I'm living the dream in New York City as a Mets fan, in a ciircle of friends who are all Yankees fans.