South of Cooperstown

Discussion created by malikguy on Apr 5, 2013

I slowly made my way into the cage and dug in …holding an Old Hickory size 33.5, a good size. A few deep breaths and the first pitch is on its way. Now, I would like to say I lined it back up the middle, or perhaps dusted the left field line for extra bases. Truthfully, I topped it into the dirt …but, I made contact and I didn’t hurt myself in the process. Soon, I was indeed lining balls to different spots of the field and yes, I even got into a few. Connecting with the sweet spot on a good wooden bat is still a true moment of ecstasy, similar to warm Krispy Kremes or sliding under flannel sheets on a cold January night. It just flat out feels good …forget the descriptives.


I got several turns throughout the day and I’m here to tell you, being between the foul lines is still one of the greatest places to be on earth. Robbie would take several turns in the cage as well and yes, he hit it just a bit further at times …he always could.


Overall, we put the ball in play consistently, we fielded our positions as well as could be expected and we didn’t finish the day on the DL. Hey, I’ve been the watching the playoffs this week and the way I look at it, we had a better day than A-Rod has been having all week long and for anyone interested, Robbie and I would do it again at a fraction of his cost.


Yes, it was a glorious day and yes, I was eighteen again, if only for just a little while. If you want to know the truth, I wouldn’t want to go back to that age for a long period of time anyway.


I’m hoping Russell and Sonny were proud …but you know, I have a pretty good feeling they had just as much fun as we did. Again, my double dog dare challenge is still out there.


On a side note, I caught myself still dropping that back shoulder at times ….gotta work on that.