Miracle League

Discussion created by malikguy on Apr 5, 2013

In 2000, the Atlanta Miracle League had its first game. Today, there are 200 Miracle Leagues in cities all over the country, giving more than 125,000 disabled children a chance to play ball.

As executive director, Diane oversees the growth of each team, from answering that first phone call from an interested parent to attending opening day. "It's amazing for the parents to watch their kids accomplish things they never dreamed possible," says Diane. Her goal is to see 500 teams established nationwide.

Miracle League has also helped bridge the gap between its members and kids who don't face the same challenges. Last year, a group of students from a Smyrna high school each took a Miracle League player to the school's prom.

"Other than small differences, the kids are the same," says Diane. "They like the same music, the same movies, and now they play the same sports." And, team by team, they're achieving the same dreams.