Blue Monday in Montreal

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It was a chilly October morning when I was at school. This was not a usual October day however because this was the very first time in history that the Montreal Expos were contenders for being in the major league baseball's World Series. Yes, it was October 19th, 1981, a new week for me at school. I was attending university, in my first year of a bachelor program. It was all new for me, being in a large school environment in downtown Montreal. I went to the first few classes and when I got out of them I had only one thing in my mind, get to the Big O and check out the ballgame.


I noted the time and made sure that I wouldn't miss the start of the game. Maybe I'd get there after a couple of pitches but that would be alright as the action would just be starting. I drove to the big O on the east side of town and parked the car. I walked to the ticket window and asked what if any tickets were available. Surprisingly there were a number of decent seats available so I bought one.


I passed the turnstiles and got my stub torn and returned to me. I could see that due to the cold chilly weather that there were many noshows in the stands. I decided to just find a reasonable seat somewhere I could see okay but it did not have to be the seat I purchased. I made myself comfortable in a middle level seat on the third base line. I was able to see the action really well from there.


The game was actually very exciting, the Expos were in the lead.from the first inning until the 5th. Then it was tied at 1, 1. This score carried on into the 9th inning. Top of the 9th and 2 outs. It looked like the Expos might be able to get out of the inning and have a chance to win. The Los Angeles Dodger's catcher, Rick Monday was up at the plate. The Expos were out of relief pitchers but this was a do or die situation so the manager, Jim Fanning decided to bring in Steve Rogers (a regular starter pitcher) to do the job. Steve got the first two hitters out in the 9th inning but on a 3 and 1 count he delivered a ball to Rick Monday that he hit over the giant blue wall in left field. The entire crowd's hearts sunk into their chests. Behind by one run going into the bottom of the 9th. If the Expos do not score at least one run the season is over and they go down again. They did not manage to get a run in the bottom of the 9th so it was all she wrote for the Expos. This eventually become known as Blue Monday in Montreal.


It turned out that this was the closest the team ever got to being in the World Series.