Baseball at the grandparents

Discussion created by ibonk on Apr 5, 2013

The highlight of most summers for me was the week that I would spend with my Grandparents. They lived in a quiet small town and it was good to get away from all of the people. The best part though was that they had cable television and for one glorious week of the year there would be at least one MLB baseball game on every night for me to watch. Those are times I will treasure sitting in that living room with my grandparents. They would be casually reading their newspapers and working on crossword puzzles, occasionally glancing at the tube television when the announcer excitedly raised his voice. I on the other hand was completely zeroed in. Holding my breath every time Chipper Jones took a hack at a curve ball, pumping my fist after yet another John Smoltz strikeout.Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for indulging me on those quiet summer nights those were precious times for me!