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42 storytelling (firsts)

Question asked by lotzatravel on Apr 5, 2013

I was enjoying my second year at college (Brandeis University) when I received an upsetting phone call.  My first cousin Marvin, a student with Frank Lloyd Wright, was on his way home to New Jersey to supervise a home being built for his sister, when he was killed in a head on collision.

I immediately made plans to go to the funeral and be with my family.  A friend insisted that she come with me and have me stay at her home because my parents would be with my aunt and uncle before the funeral.  I accepted.

When we arrived at her home, which was an apartment in New York City, her father offered us tickets to the World Series in Ebbetts Field, Brooklyn, where the Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers were playing.

Seeing a  ballgame was a first for me and especially a world series game in Ebbetts Field.  I was really excited!!

Our tickets were in a box almost right on the field.

We enjoyed drinks and hot dogs and seeing Jackie Robinson and PeeWee Reece was a dream come true for me.

Suddenly the people around us kept yelling and jumping and hollering at Don Larson, the pitcher for the Yankees.  This was really unusual since Ebbetts Field was the Dodgers home base.

We then realized (after being told by our seatmates) that it was the 9th inning and Don Larson could pitch the first World Series no hitter for the Yankees.

Even a dye hard Dodger fan had to start rooting for the win for Larson.

He made it and the field went wild.

Of course our team did not win but we were still excited for the "Damn Yankees."

It wasn't till years later that my son-in-law (an avid Red Sox fan) was to declare..."my mother-in-law who knew nothing about the game of baseball, was at the most famous and exciting game in history and didn't even realize it till I told her."

Not only was this my1st professional game and the 1st no hitter for the Yankees in the Wold Series, but also the 1st time my son-in-law (and probably the last) had the guts to think of me as an unknowledgeable idiot!!!