A 5th-grader on our team!

Discussion created by swheel27 on Apr 5, 2013

I was never a superstar on the field or at the plate, but growing up, I always played the team sports that everyone else played.  It kept me active and kept me involved.  When 5th grade rolled around, I was looking forward to baseball season.  It turned out that my town took baseball VERY seriously (I lived near Boston, so who can blame them?!), and instead of just "signing up and showing up," there were tryouts.  And then there was disappointment--I didn't make it onto a team.  But then I learned there was a "less serious" league that I might be able to join.  "Connolly League," it was called.  I didn't know what "Connolly League" meant, but if I could play a season of baseball even though I was cut from the more serious team, I was okay with that.  So I signed up.  And then I showed up.  Nice and easy.  The best part of it all was that most of my teammates were in 3rd grade, plus a few in 4th.  So while I wasn't stellar in my baseball performance, I at least had more experience, and I was taller than most (also a rarity for me).  So there I was on the field holding my own and enjoying myself.  And feeling good about myself, game after game.  I may not have been the star, but I was appreciated.  The icing on the cake came at one game when a 3rd-grader from the opposing team was trash-talking one of his friends on my team.  My teammate replied, "Oh yeah?!  Well we have a 5th-grader on OUR team!"  I beamed.  No regrets not making the cut to the other league--Connolly League was just right for me!