Meeting a celebrity

Discussion created by rameshkalra on Apr 5, 2013

Last year my son was given two box level tickets to the Dodger stadium by his employer for an evening game. He invited me to tag along with him. We got there rather early and ended up in the area where they have executive offices. Just outside of that, in a corner, I saw magic Johnson sitting, taking in the pre-game practice. After some hesitation, I started walking towards him. A young lady came out and stopped us from getting close to him, but Magic was gracious enough to invite us to his seating area and pose with me for a picture. After all these years of watching him play as a Laker and finally meeting him as a Dodger co-owner was quite thrilling. Of course this was outside the bounds of normal interaction as fans are supposed to wait by the exit of the office area for them to come out before/during/after the game for saying hello to them. So we were excited that he chose to talk to us in his private area and posed for some memorable pictures. Thank you Magic!