SF vs. StL

Discussion created by bsotak on Apr 5, 2013

When I was growing up in central California, I was a huge San Francisco Giants fan.  My older brother, on the other hand, was a St. Louis Cardinals fan.  For his birthday (probably around his 11th), my parents decided to take us to a game at Candlestick park, with the Giants playing the Cardinals.  For his birthday he got a brand new, shiny red St. Louis Cardinals Starter jacket.  He was so proud of that jacket, and that we were going to the game!  We show up, and as usual in SF for just about any baseball game (ESPECIALLY at Candlestick), it was a cloudy, windy, and cold day.  The game starts, with me cheering for the home team, and him cheering for the away team.  The bats start swinging, and the balls start flying.  The home team just kept scoring, and scoring, and scoring, and scoring.......  They put up 20+ on the Cardinals that day, and I was the happiest little boy.  My brother wasn't quite the happiest, but he still wore that jacket proudly the entire game.  I will never forget that game!