Let's go Blue Jays.

Discussion created by alram on Apr 5, 2013
I grew up in a family of non-sports fans.  Yet, when I was 12 I discovered the magic of baseball.  Believe it or not, on the radio.  Our summers were spent at the cottage, no phones, and no TV!  In the evenings when i'd had a full day of swimming, sun and boating I would inevitably get bored.  All that was left was the radio.  Somehow I turned the transistor radio from top 40 to Blue Jays games and I was hooked.  Something about the Shakespearean pace of a game, each one-on-one battle between pitcher and hitter.  Those endless fouls waiting for the perfect pitch ending the at bat dramatically with a hit, a home-run, or the strike-out.  It was months before I saw a game on TV (eventually and always with the sound down so I could hear the radio guys) and a year or two before I saw a live game.  I picked a winner as the Jays won three world series just a few years later.  My favorite players remain etched in my memory:  Lloyd Moseby, Dave Stieb, Tony Fernandez and of course, World Series hero, Joe Carter.  In this day of constant screen time, thousands of channels and non-stop texting, I hope that my kids get the chance to be bored and channel their boredom into a lifelong passion.