Baseball, Disney, and one sick kid

Discussion created by hobbes on Apr 5, 2013

At age 8, I traveled with my family from our home in Brazil to visit Disney World for a few days before going onto NYC.  Our first day at Disney, I wasn't feeling well and my parents decided I wasn't up for going to the park.  They set me up with the TV remote and room service, then took my sister to the park (yes, I was quite independent from an early age).  As I didn't yet comprehend English that well, the only thing on TV I could kind of follow was baseball.  So for two days, I stayed in the hotel room at the Polynesian watching baseball.  For someone who didn't know the rules of the game, it was rather confusing for a while.  Thankfully, on the third day, my parents took pity on me, and brought me along to the park.  Magically I started feeling better, and although I didn't get to see much of the park, I had a grand time in NYC.