Kangaroos play baseball too

Discussion created by joetravels on Apr 5, 2013

With over 60 million Kangaroo's in Australia and only 20 million people, it is not unusual when you are in the country to meet one from time to time.  I was visiting my sister in Tasmania last year and she had just brought several acres outside of Hobart.  We had a family BBQ lunch and we talked about playing a team sport, her daughter had received a base ball kit for her birthday, so we played baseball.  I have to add, there is a warning sign on her street that shows that Kangaroos are in the area, and they could be dangerous to cars.  So we are in the middle of the game, teaching my nieces how to play, my brother in law hits the ball and it heads to the orchard my sister had planted 6 months earlier.  As I was running to get the ball, this huge grey kangaroo comes bounding across towards the orchard as well.  He was bigger than me in height.  We all hit the ground as he bounded across the property, right past us.  We continued the game, but made sure the ball was not going to be hit too far and wildlife was not in the area.