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Chicago Advice: Blackstone, JW, Rez Inn/Spring Hill Suites Combo, etc?

Question asked by ssindc on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2013 by marriottmemberfromla

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I'm taking the family to Chicago for a week this summer (and I'll probably use points).  I've stayed at (and enjoyed) the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile, and I'm considering that (although there won't be any concierge lounge service over the weekend).  I'm also looking at:

  • Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel - I must say, this one looks quite intriguing (and I've had great luck with Renaissance over the years);
  • JW Marriott Chicago
  • Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel - location/view looks good to me;
  • Residence Inn Chicago Downtown/River North
  • Spring Hill Suites Chicago Downtown/River North
    • I like the location of this Residence Inn/Spring Hill Suites complex, but I'm curious if folks have stayed at either (or both).
    • As an aside, I've not seen something quite like this before - these two properties are in the same building!  I've seen Residence Inn, Courtyard, and Spring Hill Suites share complexes (particularly parking lots) before, but I'm not sure I've seen anything quite like this.  The Miami airport complex - with four hotels on one piece of property - comes to mind, but they do have separate entrances (and even addresses), as I recall.
  • The prices and points are - for all intents of purposes - a wash:  We're talking 120,000-140,000 points.  Parking will be the big expense ($35-55/day), plus, if we don't choose the Rez Inn or the SHS, we'll be shelling out for breakfast as well.


Thanks in advance for any experiences, advice, suggestions, input, etc.