Baseball Story #1

Discussion created by bigbadbarry on Apr 5, 2013

My all time favortie baseball story took place in little league. My team was facing the best pitcher in the league. This kid was your typical bigger than everyone else kid who just dominated in all sports. We met them in the championship and he was pitching and as each inning went by it was apparent we would not win but would be lucky to even get a hit. After 5 innings he was throwing a perfect game. They had scored 5 or 6 runs and were cruising to the title. We got our last licks and were just hoping to break up his perfect game. He strikes out the first two batters in the sixth and final inning. for the day I think we only put a few balls in play as he was striking everyone out on pure heat. So now I step up with the last chance to end his perfect game. The first two pitches I swing and miss and its not close. Then he hurled back with the spectators standing and uncorked a fastball right down the middle. I stepped toward him and swung with all I could and boom felt the contact. I thought for sure I was taking him deep to center. However, as it turned out it was a low liner that caught him squarely below the belt. I ran to first as he writhed around in pain. After I got safely to first I looked at the crowd and saw them stunned in silence. His mom was busy yelling something about not having kids. He was eventually able to get up but could not finish the game. Post script he was eventually fine but never pitched again out of fear.