Yankee Stadium Cotton Candy

Discussion created by donatojr70 on Apr 5, 2013

My memories of baseball with my children have a dear connection to Yankee Stadium. Of course if grand to watch Jeter and company dismantle the opposition, but it was the stadium vendor that sold me a massive COTTON CANDY. At the time, my son was approx 5 years old, and it was his first visit to the famed Yankee Stadium (since demolished and rebuilt across the road). My son was dressed in his Yankee pinstriped jersey and blue Yankee cap. Of course I had tons of snacks for my little man, but I wanted to buy him something to bring home and show mom. Something he really wanted. But, the Yankee fans behind us had no plans on letting me take the sealed cotton candy home. They began a cheer of "LET HIM EAT IT" over and over and over again.....  What was I to do ?  I let him eat it ! Mind you, the cotton candy was blue and ver, very sticky ! Well, he ate it and loved it ! When we got home, mom was shocked ! Our son's clothes were sticky and blue too !


what a great day ! a Yankee win and a pound of Cotton Candy !