The Hits Keep on Coming

Discussion created by anomadtoo on Apr 5, 2013

I'm not sure if this falls under the themes "The first time something new happened" or "Hall of famer in action," but I was lucky enough to attend the game Ichiro broke George Sisler's then 84 year old single season hits record. My friends and I are big M's fans; which might be an understatement; and we followed Ichiro pile on the hits throughout the 2004 season. The M's were not great that season so this gave us something big to root for. As the season started to wind down we started picking up game tickets every chance we could; watching the hits record get closer and closer. It was very exciting to say the least. But when it came to getting tickets for that October 1st game, it was quite difficult. One of my best friends was able to grab a couple of tickets last minute along the third base side; and as you can expect for a premium. Ichiro got a hit in his first at-bat, matching Sisler's record. The stadium went crazy; now only 1 hit way. In Ichiro's second at-bat, he nailed it; breaking the record. The stadium exploded, fireworks and all. It felt like the standing ovation and cheering lasted hours but was only minutes. It was amazing not only to whitness the historic event, but to also see Ichiro pay his respects to Sisler's family who was in attendance. After writing this, I need to go find my saved ticket in storage and add it on the shelf next to my King Felix perfect game ball To experience this baseball historic event, with a best friend, is truely part of Americas Pastime.