The 62 year wait

Discussion created by thebaze on Apr 5, 2013

My mother had never been to a baseball stadium, even though she had grown up in the baseball mecca of New York City, just a stone's throw from Yankee Stadium in Washington Heights. In those days, the first generation immigrants from Greece didn't typically go to baseball games. Fast forward to 2000, and I am working in Houston, where Enron Field had just opened for the Astros. Tickets for the first game were impossible to get, but I managed to secure 2 tickets to the second game of the opening series against the Phillies. I don't remember much about the game, as at the time it was all about the stadium. I remember my mother marveling at the size, scope and scale of everything. The view of downtown from our seats was breathtaking. But what I remember most of all is what my mother said about what she liked most about the experience - "I really liked the cute little train that comes out when someone hits the home run." For Mom, it wasn't about the game or the crowd it was about something that she could identify with - a train running along the perimeter of the stadium, not that dissimilar from the #6 train that goes along the periphery of Yankee Stadium in her beloved hometown.42stor