Obstructed view, but not obstructed feeling

Discussion created by squonk on Apr 5, 2013

Seats were scarce and expensive for the Tigers first ever American League Championship Series appearance in 1984, so I jumped at the chance to purchase a relatively cheap "Obstructed View" seat.  How bad could a little obstruction be?


The answer was very, very bad.  The giant steel columns used to support the upper deck of this early 20th century stadium did nothing to discourage builders from placing seats in every location possible...including directly in front of the column.  Without X-ray vision, there was no way to see home plate, first base, third base, or anything but the far opposite side of the outfield!  The name "Obstructed View" did not do these seats justice..."No View" would have been much more appropriate!


Still, I was a part of the largest party in the city.  I had a hot dog or soda in one hand, and Ernie Harwell in the other telling me why the crowd was cheering, booing, or "Louing" at any given time.  And I got to add my voice and my happiness to the best thing to happen to Detroit in years.


The only specific thing about the game that I can remember is that the Tigers won, but the incredibly warm feeling of the shared communal party has stayed with me forever, and to this day is worth more to me than the best seat in the house.