The baseball player who couldn't Throw, Run, or Catch...

Discussion created by jlaformab on Apr 5, 2013

I always made a fool of myself when I tried to play.  I couldn't throw, run, or catch.  I was always picked last and never stood up for myself, despite my grandfather's urging.  I wanted to play, to be world famous.  But I just didn't seem able to see straight, to follow the arc of the ball through the air, to coordinate my small hands fumbling in the larger-than-my-head glove, just wanting to catch it. Once.  I couldn't help but daydream in the field. I was always stuck far far back, away from the action, as no one trusted me to do anything helpful.  I would stare at the players, at the pitcher, batter, basemen.  I wanted to do something right, anything.  But I couldn't. Being clumsy is an obstacle, one I tried over and over to turn into a strength, but thats not something easily accomplished.  Talent can be built upon, but not created from scratch.  I just had to accept that I was no good.