Minor League Ball

Discussion created by jeffmckinnon on Apr 4, 2013

I was a rabid MLB fan when I was a kid - I lived in eastern Canada so of course I followed the Jays championship teams of the 90s and had my heart broken by the rise, then fall then disappearance of the Expos.


As I grew older and more obligated to "adult" life I let my baseball obsession lapse - these days I have to plumb the depths of my brain to name every player on the 1993 Jays roster, something I could have rattled off instantly as a teenager. I also had my passion extinguished somewhat by the endless big league labour disputes and the fallout of the Sosa/Bonds/McGwire years. The rising cost of attending a MLB game didn't help draw me back to the park either.


That's why when I find myself in a small city with a minor league team, I try to get out to see a game. It's more affordable and often more fun than the big league product. I plan on seeing a game in Buffalo, New York this year now that the AAA team there is affiiliated with the Jays for the first time, even though I live 10 minutes from the Rogers Centre.


When I do head down to Buffalo, there are plenty of Marriott properties convenient to downtown, the interstates and suburban shopping centres. It's Marriott's huge presence in locales big and small that keeps me loyal to the brand and close to the action.