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So, when my 9 year old wanted to play spring baseball - the 4 year could not be left behind. Of course, he wanted to copy everything his BIG brother did. So along with the older one, the 4 year old Todd was also registered. It was the most exciting day for him, as he went for his uniform sizing. Of course, that excitement was nothing compared to the one he felt - and made sure everyone else did too - by staying up through the previous night in anticipation of his first baseball game. The following morning, cranky Todd was still looking forward to his baseball game...


The game time was here - well, actually practice time - but it did not matter to Todd... He was excited about his first day and he wanted to make the most of it. What he did not know that as part of practice, you need to start with basic drills - yes, even the 4 year olds had drills - run around the bases and try to throw the ball, as far as they could - even though most only went a few feet. Well, next thing you know it was time for a break and little Todd came outside telling his parents how tired he was and during his break - while sitting in his dad's lap, fell asleep...deep asleep. By the time he woke up, everyone else was gone - except for Todd and his dad still sitting on their chair all by themselves on the side of the field.


When Todd woke up, he wondered what happened. His dad had to explain how he had played his first practice and then he took a nap - so that Todd knew that he did not miss anything...except, all he would remember about Baseball was - well, you run in circles and throw balls - and that's what baseball is!