1949 game one

Discussion created by splp007 on Apr 5, 2013

I was 6 years old when I went to my first baseball game , I was so excited about going that I do not think I slept at all the night before the game. We were going to see the N.Y. Yankees in the stadium. ,this was a school trip , we went by bus about 40 screaming excited kids , teachers and mther helpers could not keep control .We sat in the bleachers at a special price of 0.25 cents , it did not matter to me where we sat! --I was in the house that Ruth built! I would have been happy to have sat anywhere. Back in 1949  we did not have T.V. only way to see live pro ball was to go to the stadium. My mom packed a brown bag lunch with a fruit and cookies , she gave me 0.10 cents for a soda ,Oh how I wanted her to give me enough money to buy a Yankee pennant to hang in my room but it was impossible as my dad had just lost his job and things were not good at home.

Anyway it was a beautiful day   no rain and not a cloud in the sky  and the yanks won.49 field trip