42story baseball and t-ball

Discussion created by ezwalker on Apr 4, 2013

Americas pastime....


I once was walking up to a public park, while touring through a town in the midwest. Through some vines growing through a chainlink backstop, I saw a baseball game, little league, the smallest of the small kids playing. I saw the pitcher wind up, and throw, and then WHAM - immediately the ball was hit into the outfield.


This happened again, and once again, as I walked closer to investigate. I never even saw the pitch. I was imagining that this was a new star arising, this kid on the mound. Throwing so fast, as this age, sure to be soon in the Bigs with his 120 mph fastball. Not to mention the little batters, swinging with reflexes I couldn't follow with me untrained eye.


Then, as I turned the corner, and my line of sight cleared the backstop, I saw the coach for the team.


He was balancing the ball on the T for the next little batter, as the pitcher stood, waiting on the mound, for his simulated pitch...............