business lessons with baseball cards

Discussion created by slickster17 on Apr 4, 2013

You know how there always used to be one kid in school that seemed to know everything about baseball cards.  The price of a vintage Babe Ruth rookie card, which cards n a baseball card pack are actually worth something.  I was clueless, however, but I really liked the bubble gum.  So I bought some packs and slowly built up a collection of random cards that I knew nothing about.


Then one day I hung out with that knowledgeable baseball guy after school and we looked through my collection.  Most of the stuff he just flipped through, but a couple cards he put to the side.  He then said he'd give me $5 for them.  What a great deal, I thought!  That would pay for a lot of gum.  Obviously I took him up on the offer.


Later I found out that the particular cards he took were worth $100.  That was my first introduction to the pitfalls of business if you're an uninformed consumer.