The Legacy of Ted Williams and the Red Sox ... lost to this 10 year old ..

Discussion created by teepeejim on Apr 4, 2013

When I was a little boy (age 10 in 1960) my dad wanted me to see Ted Williams play during the final season with the Boston Red Sox. The fanatic loyalty of Boston area fans to the Red Sox is legendary and I was the appointed next generation member to carry on the tradition. So off we went to Fenway Park with my dad, brother, and uncle (the "men" of the family). They did it right, with great seats down the first line, popcorn and drinks, the whole nine yards. They made sure we brought our baseball gloves too. So the game went on and nothing memorable (at least now, 53 years later) happened EXCEPT a foul ball which I will never forget...sky high against the blue sky....falling down toward me like a rocket ship dropping...I looked up at it, scared and paralyzed as to which way to run...when PLOP it hit off the back of my seat and bounced high and away toward the scramble of nameless other eager hands of fans. And was it Ted Williams that I remember? No, not at all! Sorry dad…but to this day I will never forget LOU CLINTON who hit the foul ball that bounced off of my seat!  Lou Clinton...remembered by less than 1% of baseball fans compared to Ted Williams...will be forever etched in my memory as my Red Sox hero..


As a postscript, I have to mention how I use this story now as a professor of Education to illustrate the importance of personal experience for long term learning as  I teach the philosophy of John Dewey!