Was it Steve?

Discussion created by alpen on Apr 4, 2013
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That robbed the Cubs. Or was it the ghost? Was it a ghost or was it the curse? How did the Cubs get a curse anyways? It wasn't the great Bambino, that was Boston right? What about a conspiracy, maybe it was a setup by the Marlins...did they plant him and others in the crowd in those strategic areas just in case? A better question is why this sport generates questions like these so strongly? Maybe because it's "as American as apple pie", maybe it's in our blood, maybe it's a part of our football in the UK, or maybe it's just our game and we feel a passion and need to shape it in our mold. What a game it is to pull us together, to single us out, to push us apart...but at the end of the day it pulls us all back together, unites us, gives us a common bond to which we all can relate.