My Day as the MVP

Discussion created by cbdds on Apr 4, 2013

The truth might sting but it is true; I am not an athlete and will never be an athlete. yet while I was in High School I began to come out of my shell and  achieved some measure of popularity. Even though my High School was a small Yeshiva (jewish School) the student body was quite athletic and the Rabbis had no reason to oppose these activities.

As Spring came around I decided to no longer play left out, as in no position. A few younger students started working to improve my skills. It was only later, when the balls started hitting my bat that I realized how much effort was being made. When I was selected for a real game I played left out for real, dropped the ball a few times and got a single every time at bat. I still need to thank the opposing pitcher and all the rest of the team for hitting my singles (for me).