Red Sox fan for life

Discussion created by hw711 on Apr 4, 2013
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Growing up in Taiwan, we didn't have a lot of choices of sports to watch.  Baseball became my favorite by default.  But I wasn't exposed to MLB till I moved to the US in 1994.  Going to high school in RI and college in Boston, I fell in love with the Red Sox.  But it wasn't easy being a Red Sox during those year prior to them finally winning the World Series in 2004.  So many heartbreak, so many close ones.  But I'd never forget watching game 4 of 2004 ALCS vs the Yankees at an apartment a few blocks away from Fenway.  Everyone was about to give up on another season of disappointment but when Dave Roberts stole second and Bill Mueller hit the game tying single, it was like a turning point and everything changed.  All the hope that was slowly being sucked out out of us throughout the first half of the series all gushed back at once.  And that feeling was not limited to me and my friends, you could see it on all the Red Sox players' face and sense it from the entire city.  Taking ALCS from the Yankees after losing the first 3 games was probably just as big deal as winning the World Series for the first time in 86 years.  The celebration that took place in Boston after ALCS and WS of 2004 season was definitely an experience that I don't think I would ever have again.