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Discussion created by dillweed on Apr 4, 2013

Hello baseball fans - any other New Yorkers looking forward to a Redsox sweep of the Yanks tonight? First pitch moments away.   Didn't think so.  I love baseball.  Not so much on TV or the radio, but nothing beats a baseball game on a nice sunny day at a major league ballpark.  I've been to a lot of them;  Yanks new and old.  Mets old. Cleveland. Chicago cubs, Whitesox new and old. Houston Astrodome. Anaheim. Dodgers. Padres. Pirates (stay at the Marriot Springhill Suites North Shore every time!).  Seattle new.  Baltimore, Atlanta new and old. Toronto. I'm sure there a few more, but I'm running out of memory .  A great game to enjoy in person with good friends and it's truly Americas pastime...not more popular than the NFL, but Americas pastime nonetheless.  Enjoy the season everyone!  I'll see you at PNC park in Pittsburgh next month - cheers!