second base

Discussion created by cloisterman on Apr 4, 2013

Growing up, my brothers and I lived and breathed baseball.  We especially loved second basemen, including Ryan Sandberg and Steve Sax.  In Little League, I often played second base and my proudest moment as a Little Leaguer was when I made all 3 outs in an inning. The first out was a grounder to me, and I tagged out a gigantic baserunner running to second (he pretty much flattened me).  The second out was a nifty over the top catch from a popup I chased into left field. The final out was a line drive up the middle that I snowconed with my glove.


I received the game ball that day with everybody's signatures on it, something I still cherish. When I see Steve Sax on ESPN these days, I know he'd be proud.