Rockets flying through the smoke

Discussion created by alpen on Apr 4, 2013

Home Run! Another Home Run! Smoke filled the the old Kingdome long before the smoke from the Kingdome filled the Seattle skyline. As a young kid there was nothing greater than going to your first baseball game, foot long hot dog in hand, and seeing the home town hero Ken Griffey Jr. hit multiple homers. An electric crowd, an iconic announcer (who has now sadly left us), a giant dome and baseballs flying over the fence in every imaginable direction and the catches in centre field...Wow!! It was enough to take your breath away and make you rub the the shiny new #24 hightops on your feet. The outpouring of love that cascaded down on every player as they waved from the dugout after another home victory was enough to sweep you off your feet and carry down the iconic spiral outdoor walkways back to the parking lot and to the car where the countdown to the next game would begin