O's keep Sox out of playoffs

Discussion created by oremetua_uira on Apr 4, 2013

My parents have been long-suffering Baltimore Orioles fans for years. Last season was a huge treat for them when the Orioles went the playoffs for the first time in 15 years. But they vividly remember the story of the final game of the 2011 season against the much-reviled Boston Red Sox.


Going into September, Boston had a division lead that basically guaranteed them a spot in the playoffs. However, September was unkind to them, and they started a huge slide that put the team perilously close to missing the playoffs all together by the end of the month. On the last day of the regular season, the Red Sox only had to beat the miserly Orioles which were in last place in the AL East to secure a playoff berth. If the division-leading New York Yankees also polished off the Tampa Bay Rays, then the Red Sox would be safely in the post-season by the skin of their teeth.


The afternoon Orioles - Sox game was weather delayed a couple times as the Orioles stayed close. Because the game was on later than expected, the Yankees - Rays game was being played simultaneously and had reached extra innings. Boston was ahead for the better part of 4 innings and their "obnoxious" fans let the Baltimore fans hear about it.


However, on the last out of the game, the Orioles came from behind and got two runs to beat the Red Sox, much to my parents delight. They then showed the end of the Yankees - Rays game on the big screen at the park. Tampa had clawed back from a 0-7 deficit to force extra innings. Within minutes of Boston losing, the Rays won their game 8-7 in the 12th inning and eliminated the Red Sox from the 2011 postseason.

All the "better teams" had to do were to finish off games they were leading near the end. The Red Sox went from in the playoffs to out in a matter of minutes. Orioles fans didn't have much to cheer about from their crummy season, but this knock-out punch to their hated rivals gave them never-ending smiles that night. They cherished the bitterness of the obnoxious fans who were rubbing salt in their wounds earlier in the game.

My parents were there and lived every minute and will never tire of telling the story. What a great day to be an O's fan.