42story - Size and Love of the Game

Discussion created by tripacer4 on Apr 4, 2013

When I was a kid I was to small to go right into little league baseball so all I could do was become the batboy. I loved the job because I was always around the bigger baseball players and would marvel at how fast they would run and how far they would hit the ball. I remember one time when "my" team won this one important game the manager said to all his players " well guys you played such a great game I am going to take you all out for an icecream'.  Well, me just being the batboy I did't know if I was invited to go with them so I got up enought courage to ask the manager if that meant me, too. When he said "well sure your part of this team also" I knew then that size in baseball no matter what you do is not as improtant as doing your best and loving the game.