A grand slam evening

Discussion created by oremetua_uira on Apr 4, 2013

Not growing up in the US, I never became much of a baseball fan as a kid. However, I still remember the first professional baseball game I attended - it was a Salt Lake Stingers minor league game. For just a few bucks we got tickets to sit on the lawn in the outfield on a beautiful summer evening. I tried to learn all I could about the game and was happy the home team Stingers won on a grand slam home run late in the game. Because of the grand slam, we all got coupons for a free Denny's Grand Slam breakfast. The game was on a holiday, so there was also a great fireworks show after it was over. On the way home we stopped and got our free meals at Denny's. It was an awesome introduction to the game, a real grand slam evening!