Pac Bell Park

Discussion created by ahlewis53 on Apr 4, 2013

As I got older, I enjoyed baseball more and more. I took off work to check out the first ever SF Giants game at Pac Bell park. The Giants got beat by the much-hated Dodgers but I couldn’t let that ruin my day. After countless games at the decrepit Candlestick Park it was awe-inspiring to be in a new, clean and technologically state of the art stadium. It was the first game in that stadium and no matter how bad the seats, and mine were pretty bad, everyone had something new to look at. To be honest, there wasn’t really any “bad” seats. Everyone expected likely HOF’r Barry Bonds to belt one into McCovey cove that first game but that didn’t happen until almost a month later. Instead Kevin Elster of the Dodgers put 3 in the stands and the Dodgers won 6-5. The last few years of Giants baseball have been MUCH sweeter!