Discussion created by dmb31882 on Apr 4, 2013

Bottom of the third, one out, men on first and third. We are up by one. How that got to be, I can’t explain. Joey, our starter, is on the mound. A run here and this game is tied. Three possibilities: strike out, short pop fly, or a double play. Joey is down in the count 3-1. The pitch. Oh my gosh, it’s a shot right to my left. Everybody is yelling. Game about to be tied. I dive. I feel ball hit glove. I scramble to my feet. I touch second. I jump over the sliding runner. I throw the ball to first. The ball hits glove. Pop! The runner hits base. Thump. The umpire... puts his fist in the air, THANK GOODNESS, A DOUBLE PLAY!

Bottom of the sixth, two outs, runner on second. The Clickers’ leadoff hitter up. Base hit ties the game; anything else and we win. Joey is still on the mound. I would be drastically underplaying if I said the game was on the line. Everything is. The season, our hearts, everything. The 1-2 pitch. Curveball. Low and in. Perfect spot. The swing. Ball hits bat. Oh, but it’s out of play, foul ball. The 1-2 pitch again. Fastball. High. Get him chasing. HE DID. WE WIN. GAME. OVER.

“Yes! Yes!” We all jump on each other. It’s a dogpile. I can’t believe it. WE WON!