Shaya so cute

Discussion created by tomt on Apr 4, 2013

Totally not my story but read it on the net and thought i should share.   Could it be true or could it be shaky but boy oh boy did Shaya smile.

"Shaya is a child who attends a school for learning disabled children.  His father tells a group at a fund-raising dinner that the perfection God seeks regarding children like Shaya is the reaction people have to them.  He then tells a touching story of a group of boys playing baseball who respond to Shaya's request to play with them.  They tell him he can bat in the last inning.  When that inning arrives, however, it's a close score, but his team is trailing.  Will the boys let him play as they promised?  They do, and a sequence of selfless choices by members of both teams grants Shaya a grand-slam home-run.  The fathers says those players had reached their level of God's perfection."