Baseball cards and that crunchy slab of gum

Discussion created by 754985323 on Apr 4, 2013

I got hooked on baseball back on 1975 when I went to the corner drug store in suburban Philadelphia to buy some bubble gum.  Back the, you could get a small paper bag filled with candy for under a dollar.  On this visit, the store keeper was having a sale on Topps Baseball Card packets.  I remember they were 2 for 25 cents.  My friend reminded me that they came with a slab of bubble gum and for the same price as buying the gum, I could get gum and baseball cards.


I opened the pack, quickly shoved the gum in my mouth and began to read the stats on the back of one of the cards for a Phillies player.  From that point on, I was hooked on baseball cards and a few weeks later, asked my dad to take me to a Phillies game.   The Phillies lost to the Cubs 6-4 in that game but I didn't care.  I had discovered a new passion in life that would still be with me nearly 40 years later.