Championship run....(4 years in the making!)

Discussion created by freddiemac on Apr 4, 2013

My son met one of his best friends from Little League baseball.   In Kindergarten, they were on rival teams, but in 1st grade they were drafted on to the same team, the Mets (PeeWee).   That year they became best friends, and the team didn't even place in the finals, but they had a lot of fun.   The next year their two dads teamed up to coach (still PeeWee and now the A's), and they had fun again, but were eliminated early in the tournament.   For 3rd grade, the dads continued to coach, the kids were now on Minor League and as the Mets again, the team placed 2nd in the tournament. 


The following year, it finally all came together, and after years of hard work, with the two dads still coaching, the team (now the Diamondbacks) once again made it to the Championship game, but this time they finished them off and took the 1st place trophy home!    It was especially sweet after working towards this goal for all those years.   The boys continue to love baseball and are still best friends.