Stay humble and don't rent a limo when you are only 9 years old

Discussion created by freddiemac on Apr 4, 2013

I can remember one season when my son was involved in Little League baseball and made one of the All-Star Teams, this was when the kids were 9 years old.   From our league, there were 3 All-Star teams and we were on a team led by a very respected and admired coach who really wanted the boys to just love baseball and have a great experience getting to play in the State Tournament.    The other team was lead by a Coach that had a "win at all cost" mentality and while some people were glad to be on his team because they also had the "win at all cost" mentality, not everyone was happy with his attitude.


One of the things our boys will always remember is how this coach hired a Hummer Stretch Limo for the boys to drive up in.   Of course the young kids all felt a bit of jealousy at seeing their opponents arriving with such a splash and a bit of them wished they could have done the same.   That is until we beat them!    Then our boys realized it was not about the pomp and circumstance but about the baseball and the commitment and the team spirit.   The other team hung their heads and quickly left the field, not happy to have lost to a team that they thought they could beat, but I am pretty sure they learned a lesson in humility that day.