Little League Baseball is America's greatest youth sport

Discussion created by tepathome on Apr 4, 2013

My two boys started playing baseball at the local YMCA club when they were both 4 years old.   At that age the coaches were not focused on winning but on letting every kid play so they could develop a love of the game.   It was so much fun cheering for all the kids (yes there were girls on the teams also).   We made many lifelong friends from those early beginnings in baseball.


As the kids got older and began to play Little League winning slowly became a bit more important, but we always had great coaches who continued to give everyone a chance to play.    My boys were playing with some of the same kids they played with at age 4 and each year we also met new friends.


When the kids got into the Minor League and Major League age groups of Little League they were both part of the All-Star Teams that played the Summer Tournament in order to see who the State Champion would be.   This involved paying out some more money for new uniforms and extra stuff and each year the different teams would handle it differently, some just had each family pay, some did fundraisers, but one family was very special and we will always remember them.   The Coach of this team was blessed in his job and instead of asking families to pay or doing a fundraiser, he had his job SPONSOR THE TEAM!   Everything from uniforms, to helmets to new bags were paid for. 


I will always remember his generosity both as a coach and as a provider.